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Boris Chartan The Living Memories Project Book

A Living Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust — as shared by Boris Chartan

WE KNEW OF THE NAZI INVASION of Czechoslovakia and Poland because a few people from there came to our town. The people who ran away from their homes came and told us what was happening. They told us about Kristallnacht … [Read More...]

Judy and Gary Toll The Funniest Women Youve Never Heard of The Living Memories Project

“The Funniest Woman You’ve Never Heard Of” — as shared by Gary Toll

AS CHILDREN, JUDY AND I WOULD PLAY a game we called “Make Me Laugh.” I was probably eight or nine at the time, and Judy was a   couple of years older than I. We would play characters and dress up in crazy … [Read More...]

Tonia Tecce

Inspiring a Life in Song — as shared by Tonia Tecce

MY FATHER WAS A DOCTOR. He played the violin with his buddies from medical school. One of them had a piano in his house. Daddy would sit me on the lid of the upright and say, “Sing, Sissie, sing.” I couldn't have been … [Read More...]

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Riley Hannah Sandler has been described as “magical,” “extraordinary,” “caring,” “vibrant” and “beautiful inside and out.” She captured the … [Read More...]

Caroline Vargas with grandchildren Jessica and Melissa Martinez.

“The Rock of Our Family” — as shared by Jeanette Martinez

MY MOTHER THOUGHT I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW I’m loved, so she never said it and I never felt like I was good enough, but as a grandmother there was none better. It wasn’t until I had children that I realized just how special my mom was. Then she moved here to North Carolina and we finally started building a […]

Dessel at Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery, 2008

Preserving Positive Memories Through Memorial Stones — as shared by Susan C. Dessel

MEMORIAL STONES ARE BASED ON POSITIVE MEMORIES. When art is your work, what you do and how you do it really starts, I think, from the inside and comes out. Some of my work just comes from a year or two of thinking about images I constantly see around me. A lot of my work concerns death and the […]

Koby Mandell

Harnessing the Power of Grief — as shared by Sherri Mandell

HE WAS ONLY THIRTEEN AND WAS VERY SMART. He loved to learn Torah and loved baseball and loved to be funny. He was very witty and was always telling jokes. He was very bossy. He knew a lot; he was very intelligent and I was waiting for one of his teachers to tell me he was a genius. When he was little and […]