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Music and Social Justice — as shared by Jen Chapin

MY DAD WAS A REAL FAMILY MAN, especially just in keeping the extended family together by virtue of his enthusiasm. He brought his brothers together musically and asked them to work with him. He was friendly and outgoing … [Read More...]

A Living Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust — as shared by Boris Chartan

WE KNEW OF THE NAZI INVASION of Czechoslovakia and Poland because a few people from there came to our town. The people who ran away from their homes came and told us what was happening. They told us about Kristallnacht … [Read More...]

The Language of Music — as shared by Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma

I REMEMBER MOST FONDLY THE TIME my father and I spent walkingaround the Jardin Luxembourg, when he explained to me how plantsgrew, and his telling me that the very first piece he conducted was Beethoven’s Pastoral … [Read More...]

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The Orlando Shooting: How to Comfort Kids

Orlando -- formerly known as a magical, fun venue -- has now been added to a growing list of places where unspeakable horrors have been … [Read More...]

Harnessing the Power of Grief — as shared by Sherri Mandell

HE WAS ONLY THIRTEEN AND WAS VERY SMART. He loved to learn Torah and loved baseball and loved to be funny. He was very witty and was always telling jokes. He was very bossy. He knew a lot; he was very intelligent and I was waiting for one of his teachers to tell me he was a genius. When he was little and […]

Hard Work and Laughter — as shared by Jack Klugman

I DON’T BELIEVE HE’S DEAD. I love this guy. I knew him thirty years. We believed in the same thing. We both put in the work that was necessary to make it work and we were compatible that way. He was really open to ideas. Comedy was wide open for him— anything could be funny. He never ever […]

Keeping Memories Fresh and Green — as shared by Nick Clooney

I’M NOT SURE I HAVE COPED with the loss of my sisters. They seem very much a part of me even now. We were Depression kids and were each other’s resources and there was no opportunity for us to think of being separate from each other. We knew that the one relationship that would always work was this brothersister relationship. We could […]

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