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Ellen Gould

“The aim of life is to live” — as shared by Ellen Gould

MY OLDER SISTER, PAULA, WAS KILLED in a car accident when she was seven. She was on her way home from Hebrew school, having just gotten off the school bus in a snowstorm. The driver that hit her never even saw her. I can … [Read More...]

Death is not Fatal Chapter 1 The Living Memories Project

Death is not Fatal — as shared by Malachy McCourt

WE HAVE AN ATTITUDE ABOUT DEATH IN IRELAND. It’s not, as I often say, fatal because we keep people alive so much in song and in story. I suppose I’m reluctant to let people go and so therefore have constructed a spirit … [Read More...]

Tommy Stech with grandparents, James and Rose The Living Memories Project Book

“Always With Us, Watching Over My Children” — as shared by Maryann Stech

MY MOTHER, ROSE MCDONNELL, WAS A SWEET PEACEMAKER in the family. She was very easygoing and never interfered in our lives. When I had kids and stopped working, I did everything with her. We would go shopping and hang out … [Read More...]

Joe at graduation with parents.

A Search for Closure — as shared by Leslie Rizzo

WHEN JOE WAS EIGHT and making his First Communion, he came home from Catholic school and told me he had to do a reading. I didn’t want to say, “You should be scared reading in front of all those people,” so I just asked him if he was okay with it and he said he was. When he did his reading without a […]

Mom (Dorothy) with her dad (Babe Ruth).

Babe Ruth: “The Name is Magic” — as shared by Linda Ruth Tosetti

FOR MANY YEARS, I accompanied my mother, Dorothy Helen Ruth, to Cooperstown, New York, for the annual Hall of Fame baseball induction. She was invited as the only biological daughter of Yankee great Babe Ruth. Five years after her death in 1989, I suddenly received an invitation to attend. I really didn’t expect it—I’m just the granddaughter. But I remember […]

Memory quilt by Eileen Belmont The Living Memories Project

The Comfort of Memory Quilts — as shared by Eileen Belmont

MY FIRST FOCUS WAS MAKING DECORATIVE PILLOWS using T-shirts. People often design T-shirts to commemorate an event and often buy them to remember a favorite vacation. I started using them along with other textiles to make collections of pillows from colleges or from favorite sports teams. Sometimes I would instead use novelty fabric— ballet fabric for a dancer, or […]