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Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in the park circa 1942 Constructive Revenge The Living Memories Project

Constructive Revenge — as shared by Robert Meeropol

I HAVE NO DETAILED MEMORY of my and my brother’s prison visits to our parents, nor do I have any recollection at all of our final visit to them at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York, shortly before … [Read More...]

Dessel at Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery, 2008

Preserving Positive Memories Through Memorial Stones — as shared by Susan C. Dessel

MEMORIAL STONES ARE BASED ON POSITIVE MEMORIES. When art is your work, what you do and how you do it really starts, I think, from the inside and comes out. Some of my work just comes from a year or two of thinking about … [Read More...]

Three generations: Hazel Dukes with grandmother
Sarah Hopson, and mother, Alice Dukes

A Grandmother’s Wisdom — as shared by Hazel Dukes

MY MOTHER’S MOTHER WAS SARAH HOPSON. My mother had a sister who died at an early age, so my mother was raised as an only child. She and her mother were very close, and after my grandfather died my grandmother moved in … [Read More...]

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Susan et al Andrew's wedding

Holiday Grief: Losing Susan and Keeping Her Memory Alive

The holiday season is in full gear, and everyone is supposed to be happy. But this year, all that merriment is tinged with a wrenching … [Read More...]

Boris Chartan The Living Memories Project Book

A Living Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust — as shared by Boris Chartan

WE KNEW OF THE NAZI INVASION of Czechoslovakia and Poland because a few people from there came to our town. The people who ran away from their homes came and told us what was happening. They told us about Kristallnacht and everything. A lot of people did not want to believe it. I was fifteen when the Nazis arrived […]

Tommy Stech with grandparents, James and Rose The Living Memories Project Book

“Always With Us, Watching Over My Children” — as shared by Maryann Stech

MY MOTHER, ROSE MCDONNELL, WAS A SWEET PEACEMAKER in the family. She was very easygoing and never interfered in our lives. When I had kids and stopped working, I did everything with her. We would go shopping and hang out together; we were almost like friends. I moved to Virginia a year before she died, so I didn’t see […]

Rosemary and Betty Clooney The Living Memories Project

Keeping Memories Fresh and Green — as shared by Nick Clooney

I’M NOT SURE I HAVE COPED with the loss of my sisters. They seem very much a part of me even now. We were Depression kids and were each other’s resources and there was no opportunity for us to think of being separate from each other. We knew that the one relationship that would always work was this brothersister relationship. We could […]

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