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A Search for Closure — as shared by Leslie Rizzo

WHEN JOE WAS EIGHT and making his First Communion, he came home from Catholic school and told me he had to do a reading. I didn’t want to say, “You should be scared reading in front of all those people,” so I just asked … [Read More...]

Preserving Positive Memories Through Memorial Stones — as shared by Susan C. Dessel

MEMORIAL STONES ARE BASED ON POSITIVE MEMORIES. When art is your work, what you do and how you do it really starts, I think, from the inside and comes out. Some of my work just comes from a year or two of thinking about … [Read More...]

Harnessing the Power of Grief — as shared by Sherri Mandell

HE WAS ONLY THIRTEEN AND WAS VERY SMART. He loved to learn Torah and loved baseball and loved to be funny. He was very witty and was always telling jokes. He was very bossy. He knew a lot; he was very intelligent and I … [Read More...]

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The Orlando Shooting: How to Comfort Kids

Orlando -- formerly known as a magical, fun venue -- has now been added to a growing list of places where unspeakable horrors have been … [Read More...]

“The aim of life is to live” — as shared by Ellen Gould

MY OLDER SISTER, PAULA, WAS KILLED in a car accident when she was seven. She was on her way home from Hebrew school, having just gotten off the school bus in a snowstorm. The driver that hit her never even saw her. I can only imagine the tragedy this was for my parents and grandparents. I remember her as […]

5:20 a.m. — as shared by André De Shields

I HAD BEEN DREAM SLEEPING WITH EYES AJAR, sensing that at any moment the telephone might ring; and when it did, my soul ceased its dreaming, my heart stopped its beating, the clock persisted its ticking, but the Earth itself stood still. As if by magic the phone’s handset was resting in my palm, and I placed it to […]

The Language of Music — as shared by Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma

I REMEMBER MOST FONDLY THE TIME my father and I spent walkingaround the Jardin Luxembourg, when he explained to me how plantsgrew, and his telling me that the very first piece he conducted was Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. So, as a toddler, I tried conducting the tall chestnut trees, singing the first phrase, and expecting them to continue […]

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