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Tonia Tecce

Inspiring a Life in Song — as shared by Tonia Tecce

MY FATHER WAS A DOCTOR. He played the violin with his buddies from medical school. One of them had a piano in his house. Daddy would sit me on the lid of the upright and say, “Sing, Sissie, sing.” I couldn't have been … [Read More...]

Jen and Harry Chapin

Music and Social Justice — as shared by Jen Chapin

MY DAD WAS A REAL FAMILY MAN, especially just in keeping the extended family together by virtue of his enthusiasm. He brought his brothers together musically and asked them to work with him. He was friendly and outgoing … [Read More...]

Sport Field

A Book of Memories — as shared by Janine Lavery

MY FATHER PASSED IN 1998 when my daughter Kirsten was five years old and my daughter Emma was one year old. I loved my father so much and he was such a strong presence in my life and the life of my family that I was … [Read More...]

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Recent Blogs by Authors

Nick and George Clooney

Missing Our Dads and Grandpas on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate our fathers and grandfathers. But what if your dad and/or grandpa(s) are no longer with you? It still can … [Read More...]

Jill and her mother.

A Poem, a Daisy, a Wedding Ring — as shared by Jillian Levine

IT HAD BEEN WEIGHING on my mind how I was going to honor my mom on my wedding day. I looked for ideas on the Internet and discussed it with our rabbi, who was wonderful. Unfortunately, most of the ideas I came across I found very depressing. For example, leave an empty chair for the deceased person who is missing […]

Logo of MSAWI Appreciating Our Troops The Living Memories Project

Appreciating Our Troops — as shared by the Wolfer Family

AS THE NEWS OF STUART’S TRAGIC DEATH SPREAD among family, friends, military, and business colleagues, we [his parents and sister] began to receive an outpouring of emails and notes sharing with us how Stuart affected each of their lives. We knew how special Stuart was to us, his family. What we did not know in such depth was how much […]

Rosemary and Betty Clooney The Living Memories Project

Keeping Memories Fresh and Green — as shared by Nick Clooney

I’M NOT SURE I HAVE COPED with the loss of my sisters. They seem very much a part of me even now. We were Depression kids and were each other’s resources and there was no opportunity for us to think of being separate from each other. We knew that the one relationship that would always work was this brothersister relationship. We could […]

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