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Dessel at Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery, 2008

Preserving Positive Memories Through Memorial Stones — as shared by Susan C. Dessel

MEMORIAL STONES ARE BASED ON POSITIVE MEMORIES. When art is your work, what you do and how you do it really starts, I think, from the inside and comes out. Some of my work just comes from a year or two of thinking about … [Read More...]

Jill and her mother.

A Poem, a Daisy, a Wedding Ring — as shared by Jillian Levine

IT HAD BEEN WEIGHING on my mind how I was going to honor my mom on my wedding day. I looked for ideas on the Internet and discussed it with our rabbi, who was wonderful. Unfortunately, most of the ideas I came across … [Read More...]

Logo of MSAWI Appreciating Our Troops The Living Memories Project

Appreciating Our Troops — as shared by the Wolfer Family

AS THE NEWS OF STUART’S TRAGIC DEATH SPREAD among family, friends, military, and business colleagues, we [his parents and sister] began to receive an outpouring of emails and notes sharing with us how Stuart affected … [Read More...]

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7:30 pm Author Forum/Panel Discussion: T... @ B'nai Torah Congregation
Author Forum/Panel Discussion: T... @ B'nai Torah Congregation
Jan 21 @ 7:30 pm
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Recent Blogs by Authors

Susan et al Andrew's wedding

Holiday Grief: Losing Susan and Keeping Her Memory Alive

The holiday season is in full gear, and everyone is supposed to be happy. But this year, all that merriment is tinged with a wrenching … [Read More...]

Joe at graduation with parents.

A Search for Closure — as shared by Leslie Rizzo

WHEN JOE WAS EIGHT and making his First Communion, he came home from Catholic school and told me he had to do a reading. I didn’t want to say, “You should be scared reading in front of all those people,” so I just asked him if he was okay with it and he said he was. When he did his reading without a […]

Boris Chartan The Living Memories Project Book

A Living Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust — as shared by Boris Chartan

WE KNEW OF THE NAZI INVASION of Czechoslovakia and Poland because a few people from there came to our town. The people who ran away from their homes came and told us what was happening. They told us about Kristallnacht and everything. A lot of people did not want to believe it. I was fifteen when the Nazis arrived […]

Tommy Stech with grandparents, James and Rose The Living Memories Project Book

“Always With Us, Watching Over My Children” — as shared by Maryann Stech

MY MOTHER, ROSE MCDONNELL, WAS A SWEET PEACEMAKER in the family. She was very easygoing and never interfered in our lives. When I had kids and stopped working, I did everything with her. We would go shopping and hang out together; we were almost like friends. I moved to Virginia a year before she died, so I didn’t see […]

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