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Work, Altruism, Spirituality — as shared by Liz and Steve Alderman

SHORTLY AFTER HE DIED, his friends needed to be together and to be with us. So his friends got in cars from all over the country and drove here. We ended up having over 250 of his friends at our home a week and a day … [Read More...]

Death is not Fatal — as shared by Malachy McCourt

WE HAVE AN ATTITUDE ABOUT DEATH IN IRELAND. It’s not, as I often say, fatal because we keep people alive so much in song and in story. I suppose I’m reluctant to let people go and so therefore have constructed a spirit … [Read More...]

Constructive Revenge — as shared by Robert Meeropol

I HAVE NO DETAILED MEMORY of my and my brother’s prison visits to our parents, nor do I have any recollection at all of our final visit to them at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York, shortly before … [Read More...]

Upcoming Events

12:00 pm Mother’s Day MOMorial Brunch 2016 @ Hilton New York JFK Airport - View Map
Mother’s Day MOMorial Brunch 2016 @ Hilton New York JFK Airport - View Map
May 1 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Mother's Day MOMorial Brunch 2016 @ Hilton New York  JFK Airport -  View Map | New York | United States
The love of a Mother is one of the sweetest gifts life can bring.  Even after our mother’s leave us in their physical forms, the lessons they taught us and the affection they showed us[...]

Recent Blogs by Authors

The Empty Seat at the Seder Table: Keeping the Memories of Loved Ones Alive

Passover is a  celebration of remembrance and renewal.  Jews gather with family and friends at seders to recall their ancestors’ redemption … [Read More...]

The Comfort of Memory Quilts — as shared by Eileen Belmont

MY FIRST FOCUS WAS MAKING DECORATIVE PILLOWS using T-shirts. People often design T-shirts to commemorate an event and often buy them to remember a favorite vacation. I started using them along with other textiles to make collections of pillows from colleges or from favorite sports teams. Sometimes I would instead use novelty fabric— ballet fabric for a dancer, or […]

“The Funniest Woman You’ve Never Heard Of” — as shared by Gary Toll

AS CHILDREN, JUDY AND I WOULD PLAY a game we called “Make Me Laugh.” I was probably eight or nine at the time, and Judy was a   couple of years older than I. We would play characters and dress up in crazy costumes, all to try to make each other laugh. We would laugh so loud that […]

“The aim of life is to live” — as shared by Ellen Gould

MY OLDER SISTER, PAULA, WAS KILLED in a car accident when she was seven. She was on her way home from Hebrew school, having just gotten off the school bus in a snowstorm. The driver that hit her never even saw her. I can only imagine the tragedy this was for my parents and grandparents. I remember her as […]

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