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Logo of MSAWI Appreciating Our Troops The Living Memories Project

Appreciating Our Troops — as shared by the Wolfer Family

AS THE NEWS OF STUART’S TRAGIC DEATH SPREAD among family, friends, military, and business colleagues, we [his parents and sister] began to receive an outpouring of emails and notes sharing with us how Stuart affected … [Read More...]

Memory quilt by Eileen Belmont The Living Memories Project

The Comfort of Memory Quilts — as shared by Eileen Belmont

MY FIRST FOCUS WAS MAKING DECORATIVE PILLOWS using T-shirts. People often design T-shirts to commemorate an event and often buy them to remember a favorite vacation. I started using them along with other textiles to make … [Read More...]

Caroline Vargas with grandchildren Jessica and Melissa Martinez.

“The Rock of Our Family” — as shared by Jeanette Martinez

MY MOTHER THOUGHT I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW I’m loved, so she never said it and I never felt like I was good enough, but as a grandmother there was none better. It wasn’t until I had children that I realized just how special … [Read More...]

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The Living Memories Project in Philly on Nov. 12

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, the authors of The Living Memories Project will discuss the book’s message with a presentation and … [Read More...]

Jill and her mother.

A Poem, a Daisy, a Wedding Ring — as shared by Jillian Levine

IT HAD BEEN WEIGHING on my mind how I was going to honor my mom on my wedding day. I looked for ideas on the Internet and discussed it with our rabbi, who was wonderful. Unfortunately, most of the ideas I came across I found very depressing. For example, leave an empty chair for the deceased person who is missing […]

Judy and Gary Toll The Funniest Women Youve Never Heard of The Living Memories Project

“The Funniest Woman You’ve Never Heard Of” — as shared by Gary Toll

AS CHILDREN, JUDY AND I WOULD PLAY a game we called “Make Me Laugh.” I was probably eight or nine at the time, and Judy was a   couple of years older than I. We would play characters and dress up in crazy costumes, all to try to make each other laugh. We would laugh so loud that […]

Dessel at Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery, 2008

Preserving Positive Memories Through Memorial Stones — as shared by Susan C. Dessel

MEMORIAL STONES ARE BASED ON POSITIVE MEMORIES. When art is your work, what you do and how you do it really starts, I think, from the inside and comes out. Some of my work just comes from a year or two of thinking about images I constantly see around me. A lot of my work concerns death and the […]