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Boris Chartan The Living Memories Project Book

A Living Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust — as shared by Boris Chartan

WE KNEW OF THE NAZI INVASION of Czechoslovakia and Poland because a few people from there came to our town. The people who ran away from their homes came and told us what was happening. They told us about Kristallnacht … [Read More...]

Jill and her mother.

A Poem, a Daisy, a Wedding Ring — as shared by Jillian Levine

IT HAD BEEN WEIGHING on my mind how I was going to honor my mom on my wedding day. I looked for ideas on the Internet and discussed it with our rabbi, who was wonderful. Unfortunately, most of the ideas I came across … [Read More...]

Caroline Vargas with grandchildren Jessica and Melissa Martinez.

“The Rock of Our Family” — as shared by Jeanette Martinez

MY MOTHER THOUGHT I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW I’m loved, so she never said it and I never felt like I was good enough, but as a grandmother there was none better. It wasn’t until I had children that I realized just how special … [Read More...]

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Nick and George Clooney

Missing Our Dads and Grandpas on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate our fathers and grandfathers. But what if your dad and/or grandpa(s) are no longer with you? It still can … [Read More...]

Memory quilt by Eileen Belmont The Living Memories Project

The Comfort of Memory Quilts — as shared by Eileen Belmont

MY FIRST FOCUS WAS MAKING DECORATIVE PILLOWS using T-shirts. People often design T-shirts to commemorate an event and often buy them to remember a favorite vacation. I started using them along with other textiles to make collections of pillows from colleges or from favorite sports teams. Sometimes I would instead use novelty fabric— ballet fabric for a dancer, or […]

Jen and Harry Chapin

Music and Social Justice — as shared by Jen Chapin

MY DAD WAS A REAL FAMILY MAN, especially just in keeping the extended family together by virtue of his enthusiasm. He brought his brothers together musically and asked them to work with him. He was friendly and outgoing and was a real force in my extended family. This concert and his music continue to bring us together in ways […]

Ronn Lucas with his puppet family The Living Memories Project Book

The Sock Puppet That Launched a Career — as shared by Ronn Lucas

WE HAD A TRADITION OF GATHERING at the Tully family house. My real name is Ronny Wayne Tully. Grandpa Tully had a very dry sense of humor. I had three sets of grandparents—the Tullys, the Connors, and the Lucases. The Lucases are my stepfamily. My mom remarried and they all lived in the same farming community and a lot of […]

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