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Caroline Vargas with grandchildren Jessica and Melissa Martinez.

“The Rock of Our Family” — as shared by Jeanette Martinez

MY MOTHER THOUGHT I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW I’m loved, so she never said it and I never felt like I was good enough, but as a grandmother there was none better. It wasn’t until I had children that I realized just how special … [Read More...]

Aldermans with President Obama.

Work, Altruism, Spirituality — as shared by Liz and Steve Alderman

SHORTLY AFTER HE DIED, his friends needed to be together and to be with us. So his friends got in cars from all over the country and drove here. We ended up having over 250 of his friends at our home a week and a day … [Read More...]

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in the park circa 1942 Constructive Revenge The Living Memories Project

Constructive Revenge — as shared by Robert Meeropol

I HAVE NO DETAILED MEMORY of my and my brother’s prison visits to our parents, nor do I have any recollection at all of our final visit to them at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York, shortly before … [Read More...]

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Nick and George Clooney

Missing Our Dads and Grandpas on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate our fathers and grandfathers. But what if your dad and/or grandpa(s) are no longer with you? It still can … [Read More...]

Three generations: Hazel Dukes with grandmother
Sarah Hopson, and mother, Alice Dukes

A Grandmother’s Wisdom — as shared by Hazel Dukes

MY MOTHER’S MOTHER WAS SARAH HOPSON. My mother had a sister who died at an early age, so my mother was raised as an only child. She and her mother were very close, and after my grandfather died my grandmother moved in with us. We had never really lived too far apart. We lived on Mason Street in Montgomery, […]

Mom (Dorothy) with her dad (Babe Ruth).

Babe Ruth: “The Name is Magic” — as shared by Linda Ruth Tosetti

FOR MANY YEARS, I accompanied my mother, Dorothy Helen Ruth, to Cooperstown, New York, for the annual Hall of Fame baseball induction. She was invited as the only biological daughter of Yankee great Babe Ruth. Five years after her death in 1989, I suddenly received an invitation to attend. I really didn’t expect it—I’m just the granddaughter. But I remember […]

Koby Mandell

Harnessing the Power of Grief — as shared by Sherri Mandell

HE WAS ONLY THIRTEEN AND WAS VERY SMART. He loved to learn Torah and loved baseball and loved to be funny. He was very witty and was always telling jokes. He was very bossy. He knew a lot; he was very intelligent and I was waiting for one of his teachers to tell me he was a genius. When he was little and […]

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