The Living Memories Project: Legacies That Last

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Preserving Memories By Story Telling

There are many ways to remember loved ones and celebrate their lives. The passing down of family recipes, stories and history in modern times remains important for both cultural and legacy reasons, along with helping to cope with loss.  Finding appropriate tools and resources for organizing, documenting and sharing is important. The Living Memories Project is devoted to teaching fundamentals.

The Living Memories Project features more than 30 interviews with celebrities and others who tell how they transformed their grief into constructive and creative action. This upbeat and uplifting book demonstrates that any tribute — big or small — can be a meaningful way to preserve memories of loved ones. Each chapter offers a rich first-person history that will provide comfort and inspiration to anyone who has experienced a loss. Not everyone can create a foundation, fund an orchestra or make a documentary film, but the authors’ hope is that readers will find inspiration from the wide range of actions they read about.

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