A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: In Living Memory of Bernard Scherel and Rena Scherel

Submitted by Ann Heller

When my father, Bernard Scherel, passed away at the age of 98 in July of 2010, my daughter Lisa Heller, who lives in Park Slope, decided to memorialize her grandparents in a very special way. Here are her words:

“I called Prospect Park Alliance about planting a tree in Prospect Park. I was then contacted by a wonderful arborist about the locations  where they needed to plant some trees.

We met on a hazy Friday morning and walked around a few possible spots for the tree and I was able to choose one very close to where we frequent the park near the Meadowbrook “arch”. I was amazed at how involved I was able to be in the process — it made it feel very, very special.

She brought a binder of trees to choose from and I picked a “White Red Bud” from the book. It was planted in the fall of 2011 (I wasn’t able to be there when it was planted, but I believe that was an option). It bloomed beautifully the following Spring.

We’re able to visit it often and it is very much part of keeping our memories of grandma and grandpa alive and present. It feels as though they have a regular place in our lives. Sometimes when we’re standing looking at it or taking photos others stop to look at it too thinking there’s something special about the tree. Then we get to explain how it’s a memorial tree for our beloveds, which is also very special. We feel very connected to that tree.”

Click here info on planting a commemorative tree in Prospect Park. You can also get a bench, etc.

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