Keeping Memories Alive Through Candid Conversation

Reprinted from, Updated Apr 30, 2014, by Meryl Ain, Ed.D.

Anderson Cooper and Liam Neeson courageously engaged in a conversation on 60 Minutes that we rarely see on prime time TV. Cooper interviewed Neeson about the loss of his wife, Natasha Richardson, five years after she died in a skiing accident. The community of grief is a group that no one wants to join, but we are all members at some point in our lives. Yet discussion about loss is noticeably absent from our airwaves. After the obituaries, accolades, and the funeral, we rarely talk about the long-term impact of grief on those who are left behind.

In her TED talk, Ash Beckham talks about how she came out of the closet as a lesbian. She says that all human beings are hiding something, and need the courage to come out of their own closet. “A closet is a hard conversation,” Beckham explains.

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