Readable, inspirational collection of short, personal memorials….The stories all have an informal tone (some record recent loss, others go back years), and each story is told by a survivor who now “shares” it with the reader, thus giving the tributes a sense of intimacy, of confidences exchanged…..What emerges from all the stories is that legacy is what we make of it, what we do, and that memorials are for us more than about the dead. Click here.

Joan Baum, Dan’s Papers

This is a wonderful book, and a powerful topic! A book you’ll actually want to savor, especially if you are thinking about how you’d like to best honor the memory of someone special whom you’ve lost. Or even if you’re looking ahead to how you personally would like to be remembered.

Anne Holmes, National Association of Baby Boomer Women

Loved ones leave us but the memories remain. In this spirit, the authors of The Living Memories Project render the reader a profound service by giving us the tools to confer immortality upon generations past.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, The Hampton Synagogue & President, The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

For most of us, losing a loved one will be the worst tragedy of our lives. And we struggle with how to best honor their memory–indeed, how best to remember them. This moving book not only is a tribute to some extraordinary individuals who have gone before us, but also serves as a guide for all of us who wish to remember those who have touched our lives with their love.

Rev. James Martin, SJ, author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

The Living Memories Project shows us how to move forward after the loss of loved ones by keeping them alive in our hearts and the work that we do in their memory. It’s a sure read for everyone.

Marty Lyons, former Jets Star & Founder of the Marty Lyons Foundation, a wish-granting organization